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Gas Patio Heaters - Denver - Aurora - ColoradoFireplace and Grill Experts, Inc. is committed to providing the utmost in quality for outdoor fireplaces. 

For those who want to relax in the outdoors while still remaining comfortably warm, we offer the highest standard in patio heaters.  With our heaters you no longer have to be restricted to an indoor environment, and can easily accommodate your friends and family on your patio.  Whether it is a holiday or a cold night, you will always have the option of enjoying your patio.  Our gas heater installation gives you complete control over your heating output for your convenience.  We make sure that your heater provides heat consistently throughout the entire patio, not just part of it.

We provide a level of excellence in Colorado, and our past customers can attest to the fact that we stand behind our service.   Fireplace and Grill Experts, Inc. has been in business for several years, and we have perfected our work quality to a level that is unrivaled.  There is a wide variety of gas patio heaters, and it is best to let an accredited company such as our own be given the task of providing proper installation.  Our employees have extensive experience, and are knowledgeable in every aspect of the company, and so are better able to assist you if further help is needed.  Part of the Fireplace and Grill Experts, Inc. experience is that our staff teaches you not only the fundamentals of operating the gas patio heaters, but safety instruction as well.  We make sure that the patio heaters are safe and in good working order before installation.  We then install them professionally so they operate safely from that point forward, and educate the client on how to best keep them in working order.  We also perform  gas patio heater repairs to existing units if needed to guarantee optimal and safe performance.