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Fireplace and Grill Experts Inc. offers a wide range of services for your gas appliance needs. We arecertified, licensed and insured for your safety and our employees are reliable and professional. Clients throughout Colorado’s Front Range trust us for their gas appliances, whether they need to purchase a new one or wish to have an existing one repaired.

We Service, Repair and Install:

  • Gas Fire Pits
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Inserts
  • Outdoor Gas Grills
  • Gas Logs
  • Gas Patio Heaters
  • Gas Lines

We have contracts with a large variety of major fireplace and grill manufacturers to provide warranty and non-warranty repair work on their products. We can assist you with all your gas pipe needs, custom gas fire pit fabrications or to service all makes and models of fireplaces and outdoor gas grills.

Service Rates

Standard service rate in the Denver Metro Area is $150.00 per appliance and includes a full diagnostic, service, clean, tune, inspection, any necessary repairs and/or adjustments as well as a preventative maintenance check. If the fireplace is multi-sided, there would be an additional $60.00 fee added to the standard rate to service that individual appliance. The only thing not included would be any replacement parts, if parts are needed.

We carry a wide variety of universal parts in our trucks, but if we cannot fix the unit because we do not carry the special order parts we charge $95.00 for a return trip to install the special order part. If you are located outside the Metro area, then the return fee to install the special order part would be $95.00. Our goal is to fix the fireplace/grill in one trip but due to the amount of different models in the field, it is not possible to carry every possible replacement part.

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